What is Marketing Actually?

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This is the first edition of my newsletter, to be published monthly, and packed full of useful and interesting articles, tips and ideas associated with RichThinking, and the inner and outer tools of success. I’ll be inviting other people to put forward their ideas too. I hope you like it!  As always, feedback very welcome.

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Contents Issue 1:

  1. RichThinker News
  2. RichThinking Times – a newsletter at the right time
  3. What is marketing actually?
  4. What if Up Club

1. RichThinkers News:

a)             The study manual How To Be A RichThinker< is nearly ready.  Watch out for an email announcing it’s publication.

b)            I’ve put together an e-course based on this manual – and there’s a GREAT special offer for a few people only, so make sure you open any email that refers to the e-course.

c)             I’ve recorded RichThoughts for Coaches, and RichThoughts for Therapists.  They’re just getting the intro and outro music put on and will be up for sale soon.

d)            In every issue of RichThinking Times, I’ll be addressing some aspect of marketing, as it is so important to growing a sustainable business or practice.  See below: What is Marketing Actually?


2.         RichThinking Times – a newsletter at the right time

If ever there was a time when Rich Thinking is required it is now.  Now, when millions in the world are focusing on lack, on losing, on lucklessness.

On a property forum I subscribe to, a response was posted in regard to an article I’d written about the 3 Mind Mistakes that Property Developers Make and How To Avoid Them. Needless to say, this article was all about RichThinking in the face of mortgage difficulties and the credit crunch. (If you are interested, you can read it here on my site). There were many posts commenting favourably on the idea, but there was someone who told me what I was writing was ridiculous, and to wake up and smell the coffee. I replied that I had woken up, I was smelling the coffee, and I didn’t like that particular smell, so I was choosing to smell something else.

This reminds me of when I used to live near Banbury in Oxfordshire, England.  There was a large coffee factory there, with smells of roasting coffee floating over the town from time to time when the wind was in the direction of our house.  I didn’t particularly like it – so although I noticed it (couldn’t help but!), I chose to focus on something else instead.

So what kind of coffee are you smelling out there at the moment?  Are you awake to the possibilities of thinking rich in a time where the thoughts of masses, at least in the developed world, are coming from fear?

Just because everything appears to be disastrous DOES NOT MEAN that everything HAS to be disastrous.  In the money markets, many people are talking about the banks needing confidence in each other, and the man in the street needing confidence in the banks.  Confidence is born from people and institutions doing what they say they will, honouring their word, and behaving in an honest manner.  As we know now, this has not been necessarily happening at the institutional level.

Gill Fielding, of the Wealth Company, and The Secret Millionaire fame said on her newsletter the other day:

“The only thing that you can predict, or control, with any accuracy is yourself and how you react to situations.  The only difference between success and failure is mindset.  The successful person will always spot opportunity, and find the one thing that works in a sea of stuff that doesn’t. The successful person will always keep going, keep trying and will continue to work with whatever there is to create positivity and profit.”

I would add that successful people don’t listen to those speaking of gloom and doom. They create and support positive mindsets by choosing to do the things that support and maintain their positive state of mind.  This includes having people around them who are of like-mind.

So surround yourself with RichThinkers, people who have the ability to think rich regardless of what is going on around them.

Choose how you want to see your world, create your own confidence by doing what you say you will do, treating others as you like to be treated yourself, apply Rich Thinking principles and you’ll find the most amazing gems in the middle of the s**t.  They are definitely there.

3. What is marketing actually?

When I was about 30, I was working as a Finance Manager for a telephone marketing company who were in trouble financially, owing hundreds of thousands of pounds to the Inland Revenue, and even BT, who would threaten every week to cut off our phone lines! Imagine – a telephone marketing company unable to pay their telephone bills!  Mad.

Anyway, the reason I’m telling you this is that I was one of the ones told they were going to be made redundant – but I had a choice. I could stay with the company if I wanted to take up a position of Trainee Marketing Manager.  I remember well my response: “I’m not interested in marketing, why would I want to do that?”

Of course now I’m running my own business, I’m VERY interested!  And there’s a reason why.  I’ve discovered that marketing, a word I used to despise, is really just about finding out what people want, and giving it to them.  That’s all.  And imagine, if you knew that someone wanted something in particular, and you knew you could provide it, wouldn’t that be wonderful?  It takes away any stigma that might be associated with “selling someone something they don’t really want”.  And it’s so much easier to do!

So my message here is: if you’re a coach or a therapist, you’re most likely self-employed.  Marketing will be important, very important, for your practice to continue, let alone grow.  So ask yourself:

Do I know what I can offer?

Do I know what my customers really want?

Do I know what their problems are that I might be able to solve?

Do I know the answer to something that they haven’t even realized is the cause of their problems?

Listen to the answers; then find a way to put across your message so that your customers go “Ah, just what I needed!”  See next month’s newsletter for more tips on this.

4. What If Up Club.

You’ve probably noticed when people begin a sentence with the words, ‘What if…”, they usually follow it up with some terrible imagining, or a gloomy/doomy story.

I discovered this website www.whatifup.com (I wrote about it first on my blog), where the purpose is to fill in the dots with something amazing. Like What if… my dream really did come true?  What if… I became known in my field as THE person to go to for my therapy?  What if… I made more money as a coach than I’ve ever made before?

This way, you get to challenge your ability to accept magic, wonder and fantastic things in your life.  Wow!

What a RichThinking thing to do!  Check out the site and see for yourself.  Such a simple idea with such a great effect.

Finally – if you’re interested in exploring what coaching can do for you, whether you’re a therapist, coach or property investor, contact me for a free discussion

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