What Is the Jewel in your Business?

I noticed a slight agitation as I sat down to meditate this morning. Breathing in, my body began to settle. Breathing out, I noticed the critical thoughts wanting to stick onto me.

Instead of believing them, and going into the whole story attached to them, I waited a few minutes. A bit later on, I heard the following message:

Close-up on colourful jewel-like buttons.

“Into the twilight of Life arrives a gift of innocence. Surely seen as irrelevant, it is in fact a precious jewel.  Innocence is trust and faith in Life itself to commandeer resources in such a way that you are looked after.

This may not look like what you think it ought to, but it will and does happen. Be still and prepare to receive.”

Short but very to the point. Something inside relaxed and I spent the rest of the hours meditation in a pretty blissful place. 🙂

I’m sharing them with you because of the importance of discovering what your own jewel is (or are!) – if you don’t know what they are, then take some time in silently sitting and ask.  Listen with your ears, your heart, your soul and trust what happens. For me, it comes in words that appear as if imprinted on the back of my head. For you, it may come in another way entirely.

Explore and see what happens!

3 thoughts on “What Is the Jewel in your Business?

  1. Sometimes when others have a ‘moment’, I connect with it. Whenever I see cow parsley, or Queen Anne’s Lace I’m reminded when a beautiful lady rimpoche (who this man rather liked) told him to take care of himself. The story brings a warmth to my heart, and it’s as if I see the rimpoche’s blessing in the essence of the plant.

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