What to Do to Interfere with the Success of Your Business

This sounds like a mad title, doesn’t it!  But really, we all do it a lot of the time, and I came across a post of this title from 4 years ago when I was updating things for the new website (it’s coming, honestly!)  It was so interesting to read it!  I’ve made a new one, 4 years on, and invite you to do the same. 🙂

My list of things I can do that will interfere with the success of my business:  November 2009

  1. Wait to be successful until I am good enough to do it.
  2. Get my life’s ‘to do’ list done
  3. Be afraid of attracting too much work, so don’t put myself out there.
  4. Procrastinate by answering and sending emails
  5. Keep thinking I haven’t found my niche, when it is under my nose
  6. Avoid getting clear about what I do so I don’t have to stand by it
  7. Not investigating my money beliefs so I don’t have to change
  8. Always find something else to do when I have set aside time for meditation
  9. Wish I could win the lottery, so I can avoid doing things the hard way and just have some money instead.
  10. Not employ someone to help me with the admin/marketing of my business

Ha!  It was funny reading this! Here’s the new one.

Nov 2013

10 things I (that is, the mind, as opposed to Spirit as CEO) can do that will interfere with the success of my business:

  1. Persist in thinking that ‘I’ know best
  2. Disregard the CEO’s instructions
  3. Stay invested in being disorganized so I easily forget and not follow up on things
  4. Persist in believing I am not safe in the world, and that more money will make me safe
  5. Forget about enjoying myself and start struggling again (what a mad idea, but it is possible!)
  6. Resisting ‘what is’ and keep trying to change it
  7. Undervaluing what is offered and pricing it accordingly
  8. Forget who is really running the business (Spirit) and think ‘I’ am doing it instead
  9. Think admin is more important than meditation or silent sitting, and act on that
  10. Fall into thinking that having goals, achieving them and following a plan is the way to go

You’ll notice the emphasis here is very much on a new way of doing business. This is not for everyone; and I still work with clients who want to have goals and plans, and that is fine – if that is the way you are doing it, great!  Really go for it.  But beware if you notice your mind saying in relation to my new list ‘oh no, that’s not what I’m doing’ – because it will just be an activation of the comparison mentality – not helpful!

So now do yours – make your own list right now of how you interfere in the success of your business. Read it over, or preferably share it with someone else,  pay attention and take action on it!  Share it in the comments below, it’d be great to read others’ lists. 🙂

7 thoughts on “What to Do to Interfere with the Success of Your Business

  1. Jane, I so love your new list! It made me smile. Especially no. 8. Recently, I was asked, why am I so much more confident about giving Reiki than I am about coaching? (I was sharing my fears/insecurities). The reason is because with Reiki, it comes naturally to me to ‘let go’ and know that I am the vessel/channel for the healing. It isn’t me-the-physical-being. The thing is, with coaching, I don’t want it to be any different, I’d just not thought of it like that before! I really love the idea of ‘Spirit as CEO’. I’m going to write my list today 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. 1. Not believing I know enough to put myself out there. Afterall who wants to listen to someone without and entire alphabet behind their name
    2. I don’t look the part-seriously, I don’t know how to dress outside of my historical clothing. I feel inadequate and outdated. I’m so afraid of what people will say. I find myself being super critical of others, so I know others must be super critical of me, right?
    3. I’m really not all that good. I have received compliments when I have delivered speeches before, but they are my friends, and people are just being nice
    4. Sharing history is something that only a few people get-so who would really be interested in anything I had to say

    • Hey, Dianne, these are great ways to interfere with your success. Isn’t it incredible what the mind gets up to when it gets going on the interference!

  3. Great exercise thanks Jane
    10 things I (that is, the mind, as opposed to Spirit as CEO) can do that will interfere with the success of my business:
    1. Putting of getting my big vision planned and outlined
    2. Not keeping the commitments I make with myself
    3. letting the hag take over what the heart really desires
    4. Comparing myself to others
    5. Allowing my social media to be adhoc
    6. Feeling that it will happen without setting clear intentions
    7. Undervaluing the gift that I have to empower others.
    8. Being amazed still at what others say that is good about me and what i do
    9. Making judgements about my art
    10. Thinking that procrastination is okay

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