What to Do When You Find Yourself Uprooted

Uprooted. The term we use when we see a tree that has been blown over in the wind, like this one:


I came across this yesterday when exploring the nearby woods. It struck me that this is what has happened to myself and RichThinkers in the last year. After my course How to Raise Your Prices, Charge What You’re Really Worth, and Get It! finished last August, I simply put down my tools.  Apart from continuing to see a handful of clients and writing this newsletter, I have done no work at all on the business.

So what happens when a tree is uprooted?  It looks all out of place, at first.  There is shock, especially if it is a tree you have been used to seeing every day, simply standing there, being a tree through all the seasons. Suddenly there is a gap, a missing piece in a familiar landscape. Suddenly, there may be a tree trunk to walk around or over. Suddenly, your view of life gets changed, whether you like it or not.

There is a loss of what there was before, and it takes some time to get used to this. But get used to it you do, slowly, and step by step. Regarding the tree, you begin to think it normal to step over the fallen trunk, or to see what was previously hidden by the leaves and branches. You begin to accept the new situation in the woods.

Then, slowly, out of this acceptance, you notice that animals and insects find it as a new source of food; seeds fall on it; and new life begins to grow..


I trust that is what is happening now, or about to happen, with RichThinkers.  New life, new growth, all kinds of new possibilities. Watch out for them over this summer; as the new shoots appear to me, I will be telling you about them through this newsletter, Facebook, and other social media.
So where in your life has there been an uprooting? Perhaps it is happening right now, or it’s something you can identify with in your past. It’s helpful to acknowledge uprootings, because they happen all the time, in the form of business collapses, jobs being made redundant, loss of life, divorce, serious illness, law suits, serious debt – any of the major life events, whether or not to do directly with your business, will have an impact on it.

Take a moment to acknowledge to yourself an uprooting in your own life, and notice how you dealt with it (or indeed, are dealing with it). Identify what you did to cope – what worked and what didn’t work. I know for myself that putting aside judgment has been essential – either positive or negative. An emphasis on accepting what is, whatever that is, without any form of criticism or praise, allows instead a breath of air to blow into the situation. With fresh air comes fresh ways of looking at circumstances; fresh ideas presenting themselves; and beginning to see myself in a fresh, new life. Just like the new shoots on the uprooted tree, seeds can be planted that will themselves grow into a new form of life. Uprooting becomes an opportunity, instead of a calamity, and blossoming can happen on all fronts – just like the primroses below.


10 thoughts on “What to Do When You Find Yourself Uprooted

  1. “An emphasis on accepting what is, whatever that is, without any form of criticism or praise, allows instead a breath of air to blow into the situation.” Lovely way of putting an essential truth. I am so looking forward to interviewing you on your transformations when we talk on May 15th….

    • Thanks Claire – and if you’re reading this please come and join me on May 15th when Claire will be interviewing me on the topic of ‘The Five Little Known Essentials for a Great Transformation’

  2. Hi Jane, I have an uprooting going on in my world right now, as I have chosen to move to Rochdale in Lancashire to live with my girlfriend Beverley who later this year will become my fiance and we are to be married next year. And though I have travelled the UK extensively to see family or on business, I find my uprooting from Doncaster to Rochdale (75 miles) to be a concern.

    But when I look at my concern what I notice is that I take my attention from what my heart, passion and love guides me to do. My attentions become negative and worrying and I can see nothing but turmoil and upset.

    When I intervene with my worry and align myself with my heart and my love, I am inspired by opportunity, relationship, love shared with another, a freedom to be me and an excitement to throw myself into my new life in a new way. It’s a time for learning and discovery inside of me feeling vulnerable.

    Anything appears possible and in fact too many ideas are rushing around for me to look at and focus on. Then in contrast fear appears again with a thought of risk and displacement. My thoughts eb and flow all of the time.

    As I become conscious to my thoughts I see that I am responsible for those thoughts, that I am my creator of my thoughts therefore my feelings, my actions and therefore my results.

    My metaphor is to thrust my hand out to catch that thought, it is a horrible ugly round whinging mouthy thing telling me of my intended failure, unhappiness and regret. I put that thought to one side and tell “IT” that I know that IT is there and IT is telling me of my future of misery. I tell IT to shut up and that I know what IT is trying to do. In fact IT is speaking to me now whilst I write this piece, IT is trying to type something negative.

    When I take responsibility for I am IT, I get to see that I can have IT be anything I want. So I can put BADIT to one side and connect with the inner INSPIREDIT, where my new possibility sits. My possibility of freedom love and joy no matter what. When I do this calm returns, tranquility is in abundance as I choose without consideration or reason to live in Rochdale right now. My completed move is a matter of logistics only and I own Rochdale as me.

    Your article gave me the space to respond, as by articulating my thoughts into this response is the mechanism for ownership. I have published my ownership of Rochdale for me and inside of my writing commit my life with Beverley as joy, love in abundance sharing my socks off.

    Jane, my fallen tree and exposed roots happened nearly three years ago, when my wife left me. My loss was a space that I thought could never be filled, love with another was not possible. What began to upset me was that I got to see that I had never owned my love for my ex wife Jo. I had been in love yes, but I never owned my love for her. It was I that blew her over and it was I that exposed the weak roots of our relationship.

    I was the architect of my thoughts feelings actions and results. My marriage ended.

    Since I have been on my transformational journey I have grasped one signpost and held it in my hand, that is the sign of OWNERSHIP. I now know that I own my thoughts, I own my feelings and I own my actions that give me my results.

    I own my negativity and well as my positivity. I own my hate and I own my love.

    I am the architect of my future here and now.

    Your article Jane, has given me the space to articulate my thoughts as I create my new map for my future, at every junction in my new journey I will see a signpost of OWNERSHIP, as on each sign I say THIS IS MY LIFE AND I CREATED IT.

    I am IT and I am choosing INSPIREDIT versus BADIT.

    And there is work to do to distinguish where my thoughts and fears and joys are grounded,
    because what I get to see is that anything that happened in the past has no reference to what wil happen in the future. As I am my own architect of my future and I declare anything is possible.

    You have given me a space of joy creativity and freedom today Jane, thank you for helping me share my ownership of my new future NOW.

    • Hi Steve – this is lovely, thank you for sharing it here. Beautifully put. May your move and marriage be a wonderful reflection of love and inspiration.

  3. Inspirational as always, Jane. And lovely that it was my local woods that inspired this piece or writing.
    I believe Rich Thinkers is alive and well because this article IS Rich Thinkers – all your articles are. It’s just that at the moment Rich Thinkers is talking to people via your newsletter rather than you doing webinars etc. Rich Thinkers to me is about how you share with people the truth of your life, focus on a universal theme within that, and then communicate it through the word, always ending with a transformative, positive, encouraging and life enhancing statement. What’s that if it’s not Rich Thinkers?!?
    with my love

  4. Uprooting is a wonderful analogy for letting the breath of change flow through your life. I have been joyfully uprooted after a long period of my roots being buried too deep, smothered by too much weight above – by circumstance, by others. Let the sun in, let the breeze blow. See where it takes you. Thanks for your newsletter.

    • ‘The breath of change’ – this is lovely Eve; may we all view change as a breath – life-giving, sustaining and heart-warming.

  5. I am new to Rich Thinkers and the timing is perfect. My life is in transformation in every area.I am recently divorced after 34 years of marriage. My home is sold along with it’s contents. I am living with my daughter in a different town. I do see this as an incredible opportunity to create the life that reflects who I have become. I loved what Delcia wrote about communicating and hope to learn how to do that. Right now I have been sorting things out to find that essential core of truth and find that communicating is difficult. Jane, thank you for your website. I will be looking forward to your emails.

    • Welcome Jan – what a lot of change for you. I hope you can feel supported by what you find on my site. Blessings to you in your new life 🙂

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