What do you need to do to make your business thrive?

This is a great idea I came across just recently.  To make your business thrive, there will be certain things you know you need to do, and only you will know what they are. Sometimes it can be difficult getting clear about them – but this method will help you.

List ten things you can do that will interfere with the success of your business.

That’s all.   Yes, read it again – that will interfere with the success of your business.  By focusing on the opposite of your business thriving, you’ll give yourself the very things you need to do to keep it thriving.  Each time you specify something that isn’t working, you have the opportunity to turn it around to see what you do need to do for success.  For example, here’s a list compiled by one of my clients:

My list of things I can do that will interfere with the success of my business:

1. Wait to be successful until I am good enough to do it.

2. Get my life’s to do list done

3. Be afraid of attracting too much work, so don’t put myself out there.

4. Procrastinate by answering and sending emails

5. Keep thinking I haven’t found my niche, when it is under my nose

6. Avoid getting clear about what I do so I don’t have to stand by it

7. Not investigating my money beliefs so I don’t have to change

8. Always find something else to do when I have set aside time for meditation

9. Wish I could win the lottery, so I can avoid doing things the hard way and just have some money instead.

10. Not employ someone to help me with the admin/marketing of my business

So what’s on your list?  What could you do to interfere?  Get clear about these, and you’ll know exactly what to do to make next year your best ever!

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