When Affirmations Definitely Don’t Work

I can’t say that!
That’s not true, though.
That’s just silly.
No, I won’t say that!
How can I say one thing while believing another?

These are all responses I have heard recently from one source or another when the person has been faced with saying a positive affirmation as a way to begin to counteract a belief they would rather not have. Here’s an example:

Negative Belief: I never have enough time to do all that I want to do.
Positive Affirmation: I always have enough time to do what I want to do.

If you try to move from one position to the other in one big leap like that, you’re almost definitely going to fall at he first fence. Why? Because the energy associated with both statements needs to be congruent with the words you are saying or thinking. If you simply turn it around, you are very likely to meet resistance in the form of other thoughts such as See, I never have enough time, these affirmations just don’t work, or I obviously do not have enough time; if I had I would have got x done and I haven’t, or It’s just not true – look, here is evidence I can’t get it all done in the time available.

This is one of the main reasons many people think that affirmations don’t work, and there is a very simple remedy. You start with where you are, and you move forward step by step from there, to where you want to be. So with the affirmation process in this example, you might affirm something like I’m willing to believe that I could get all I want to do done in the time available, or I release the need to believe there is never enough time, or I’m willing to believe that I could experience plenty of time. My Step by Step Rich Thoughts process tells you in specific detail how this works.

Can you feel the difference?  These first steps encourage possibility; there is hope associated with them, and because of that, there’s a shift in not only the mindset, but also in the energy associated with those words. An inner response you might have to I’m willing to believe that I could experience plenty of time might be No, I’m not willing – but then you’re dealing with something else entirely, someone who wants to stay stuck in the position of not having enough time! At least this way round you are willing to tell the truth about it – and telling the truth always allows movement to take place.

This whole process requires you to be gentle with yourself, and if you have a tendency to self-criticise or judge yourself harshly, then you might find yourself challenged with a lack of patience. Or discover that actually there is a need to have more positive self-talk at a deeper level than issues of time – maybe you need to be telling yourself you are OK the way you are; or that you love yourself; or that all is well in your world, despite appearances.

And that’s one of the other main ways that affirmations work – they root out deeper levels of thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you, a bit like a bright light shining into the darkest corners of the room. When you can see what has been lurking there, causing problems for you unconsciously, then you at the very least have a choice as to what to do about it – which of course you don’t have when you don’t know what’s lurking!

So if you notice that you are someone who has found it challenging to ‘do affirmations’ remember:

Everything you say is an affirmation. Everything.

Therefore notice what it is you say or think about your business, and decide whether these thoughts are supporting you or not. If not, then make a conscious choice to change those thoughts to ones that do support you. You don’t need to formally practice affirmations, although that is of course very useful as part of a spiritual practice; but you DO need to catch yourself when you realise you have fallen into the trap of thinking the old thoughts, and make a choice again in that moment to jump up and out into the arms of a more loving, positive and courageous thought.

It is the willingness to do this during your day (as well as during more formal practice times) that will really allow transformation to happen.

Here are 21 inspiring, practical ways to use affirmations & have them really work for you.

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