Limiting yourself – where do you do it?

I have been limiting myself! Hugely! How? By not properly connecting with the work I was doing before as a trainer of Louise L. Hay’s wonderful material.

Why was I limiting myself? Because I hadn’t got in touch with the true value of what I have done in the past.

If you don’t know (and why would you, I haven’t really told anyone!) I trained personally with Louise on her last ever training course in 1990, and returned from California to lead successful study groups around the UK and Europe for about 7 years.She has been instrumental in my life, and I had “forgotten”!

Wow! Isn’t it amazing what we do to ourselves!

Anyway, she is back now in my life in a big way for various reasons, and the first thing I’m doing to acknowledge this is to change my name to JANE DUNCAN ROGERS. I used to work under my maiden name Jane Duncan – and it feels very fitting to now bring the two parts of my life together in this way. So all information and emails will now be from Jane Duncan Rogers.

Finally, as I like to pass on whatever I’m learning: where could you be inadvertently limiting yourself?

What have you undervalued, or are you undervaluing, that could be hampering your success?

How could you make amends for that?

Now I’m off to a workshop on Forgiveness – that seems quite appropriate, doesn’t it?!


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