Where’s The Energy Flowing? Follow That!







These words may be familiar to you, perhaps overly familiar. They usually are accompanied by sighs, frustration, tearing your hair out, wondering if you’re in the right ‘job’, and so on.

When this is happening, you are going against the flow.

Waterfall Kamienczyk in Karkonosze in Poland

That’s a common phrase, but let’s look at it in a bit more depth. Flow is what happens when you turn the tap on. It’s what happens when you see a river (unless it is a stagnant river, in which case that’s another story). It’s what happens when a volcano erupts and lava pours down the mountainside.

It is a natural occurrence and it happens easily.  If something gets in the way, then the matter that is flowing simply finds a way around the blockage – it doesn’t stop flowing.

This applies to energy too. If you are involved in any of the healing modalities you will know this. Blockages in the natural flow of energy in the body cause problems, just like a piece of wood in the river. It causes something else to happen, other than a straightforward flow.

Flow can happen in your work too. You’ve probably experienced it – when things just seem to happen easily. Or synchronous events occur to support the flow.  It’s not even that exciting when flow is happening. It just is the way it is.

So when my coach said to me in our last session ‘Where is the energy flowing? Follow that!’  I paid attention. Because anything else is going to be trying to push against the river; trying to stop the flow of water out of the tap, let alone the flow of lava.

You’ll know this already, very likely, from common statements like ‘go with the flow’. But have you ever thought about it the other way round? Like – where is the flow happening?  Can I follow that, if I am not already?

This has been up for me recently, when it finally dawned that energy was flowing around friends or colleagues asking me how I wrote Gifted By Grief, and how I am getting it out there.  It was only after the 5th person had contacted me, and then asked for some coaching, that I finally got the message – this is where the energy is flowing! And my job is to follow that.

So ponder these questions for yourself:

  1. Where is the energy flowing in your life and work?
  2. Is it in what you are currently doing, or is it in some other place or manner?
  3. How do you feel about where it is flowing?
  4. Can you follow that?

And here’s a call to all budding or wannabe writers – if you’d like to have a conversation about how to get your book done/out there/marketed better/sold, then email me now using the contact form. I’ll get back to you pronto and we’ll see what the energy is saying!

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