Why You Don’t Have More Clients and What To Do About It From the Inside Out

I’m doing everything I should be doing, putting fliers out, advertising my services, talking to people about what I do, got a website, and still I only see just enough clients – what am I doing wrong?”

This is a cry I hear a lot these days.  Is it because of the credit crunch, and many people tightening their belts?  Is it because of lack of the right marketing message?  Is it because your pricing is wrong?

Well, it could be all of these, amongst other things, although even though there’s a credit crunch, it doesn’t necessarily mean that people won’t buy your services.

But even more fundamental than all these is your attitude to getting more clients.  It’s true that even if your attitude is poor, and you view your clients as idiots who deserve to have their money taken off them, you will probably do OK if you have in place marketing and promotion activities that have been proven to work.

And you are likely to do better than the person who’s attitude is spot on, but they don’t have a clue about how to promote themselves. Or even worse, believe in the (false) idea from the Law of Attraction that they just need to sit and ‘think positive’ and clients will come flocking!

By far the best is to have both in place – an open, positive and expansive attitude combined with an optimum marketing message.  Over the next few months I’ll be addressing specifics from the marketing side of things that you need to have in place – but remember, you really limit their effectiveness if your attitude could do with some improvement, and so, as in all my work, beginning from the inside out is vital.

What can you do at an inner level? Quite possibly you have been doing some things already – eg meditating, visualising, affirming.  Are these the only things you can do?  No. There’s another step. In fact another two steps.

Firstly, you need to make sure your thoughts and feelings are actually aligned, that is, they are ‘singing from the same song sheet’.  How do you know if this is happening? Two things:

a) because of how you feel when you deliberately think your positive thoughts about clients,

b) because of how you feel the rest of the time whenever you think about your clients

It is the easiest thing in the world to somehow be thinking about your LACK of clients as opposed to thinking about there being plenty of them – and consequently not feeling great.

You might not agree with me, but here’s an experiment to help you find out.  Try monitoring what you are actually thinking and feeling about during the course of one whole working day.

When you’re actively affirming that you have or attract lots of clients, allow yourself to really notice and let in the responses to these thoughts. If there is anything there other than complete agreement with the positive statement, then something is getting in the way, and needs to be attended to.

Also notice how you feel as you are affirming, and be willing to tell the truth!  You know you ‘ought’ to be feeling good about the thought, but if you’re trying to do a cover up job and pretending you’re feeling something when you’re not, then you’re in trouble!

And pay attention to the thoughts you have about clients/lack of clients even when you’re not actively affirming, as this is when the negative thoughts can creep in without you realising it.

How do you know you’re having a negative thought? It’s often easier to tell by noticing how you feel.  Any feeling less that is even tinged with something ‘negative’ is going to interfere in you being that magnet of light that attracts clients.

What you’re looking for here is signs that your feelings have dropped away from a place of positive expectancy, and fallen into what may just feel like mild agitation about your client situation. Basically, anything less than a good, solid, grounded and yummy feeling about clients is going to produce some resistance somewhere.

When you monitor your thoughts and feelings in this way, you really honour yourself and give yourself the choice to change how you are thinking and feeling. Very powerful.  Even if you choose not to change, at least you are doing it consciously and taking responsibility for what is going on.

In the RichThinking Way we look in detail at exactly what to do in this kind of situation so that you can keep your thoughts and feelings focused in the best possible way on the truth of who you really are underneath all your thoughts and feelings,  and how that can come across from the inside, filtering through your marketing even if you don’t change that at all!

Finally, I’ve probably said this before, but I’ll say it again, because we (and I include myself here!) seem to need to hear it over and over. When you have a feeling you don’t like, do your best to see it as a gift.  It’s there as a sign that you are off track, and therefore you can be grateful for this.  At least then you have a choice about getting back on track again!  Don’t do what I did for years which is beat myself up for having negative feelings at all – it just makes them stronger!

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