Wild Wisdom – the story

All the Wild Wisdom programmes, coaching and products are informed by the idea of  looking at your business and your life upside down. 

In fact, working with Jane is like taking yourself and your work to a yoga class – you will be asked to  do headstands, downward dogs and other unusual poses.Yoga class

This is because Wild Wisdom is all about acting intuitively  in your life and business, and sometimes counter-  intuitively.

  •  It’s about putting the essence of something ahead of the form.
  • It’s about discovering the magic and miracles that are awaiting you, if you only can see them.
  • It’s about being willing to take instructions from a higher power than your mind, even while your mind is objecting in a seductively rational manner.

Maybe this isn’t surprising as Jane’s Granny, from the Highlands of Scotland, Highlands2was known in the family for having second sight, meaning the involuntary ability to see the future or distant events.  It’s common that this ability continues in families and in her coaching, Jane brings her gift of ‘listening’ to all her sessions and programmes.  Indeed, she is known for the ‘wild wisdom’ that informs all her work.

Jane now lives in the Highlands, and is part of the 50-year old Findhorn Foundation Community, the world-renowned spiritual community, educational establishment and eco-village.  This community is famous for it’s emphasis on what founder Eileen Caddy called ‘the still, small voice within’. It is working in co-creation with this that informs all of Jane’s work – and she invites you to do the same.


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