Working Up to the Line

I’ve been using this way of working for some years now, since I heard about this concept. What it’s based on is the fact that we are both humans having a spiritual experience, and spiritual beings having a human experience, as the saying goes.

Many of us tend to forget that we’re both, and try to make a success of our businesses from the human being side of things only. Then there are others that tend towards the spiritual side of things, and say things like, ‘God will take care of it’, and then sit back and wait for ‘God’ to make it all happen.

I’m reminded of the joke about a man who suddenly found himself in the middle of a flood warning. His neighbours were hurriedly evacuating their homes and urged him to join them. He refused their offer of assistance, saying simply, ‘The Lord will provide’. As the water levels grew higher, he retreated to the upper floors of his home. Soon enough a rescue boat came by. ‘Get in quick!’ called the rescuers. But the man refused, simply repeating, ‘The Lord will provide’. Soon the water levels were so high that the only safe place was the roof of his house. Suddenly a helicopter appeared. ‘Grab hold of the rope ladder!’ they called, but the man refused, saying ‘The Lord will provide’.

Before too long, this man found himself in heaven face to face with God. ‘God! I put my faith in you and you let me down. Why didn’t you save me?’ he asked. To which God replied, ‘Well I sent your neighbours, I sent the rescue boat, I sent the helicopter….’

Moral of the story: God provides in many ways that might look very ordinary indeed!

My experience in this has shown me that it’s really important to have a balance, in other words, there’s room for both the Spirit and the human side of ourselves, in fact both are absolutely necessary. This is where the idea of working up to the line comes in.

Imagine a piece of paper with a line drawn down the middle. On the left hand side it’s headed (Your Name)’s Side and on the right it’s headed Universe’s side. Your human being action type tasks go on the left side, and tasks belonging to the Universe’s side go on the right.

Examples of human tasks are: Making phone calls, writing an article; seeing a client; making appointments; designing a brochure; updating a website, following intuitions, , using affirmations, acting on inspired ideas.

Examples of Universe’s tasks might be: providing intuition; hunches or gut feelings; organising synchronous events; direct communication through clairvoyance or other methods; apparent coincidences eg meeting with people who become very important in your business. You might be provided with calls to answer from this side of the line – your job from your side of the line is to answer them. You’re inviting the Universe to be present.

My challenge with this concept has very much been that I thought I had to do it all myself, and therefore strayed into the Universe’s side of the line, by ‘trying to make things happen’. Even with evidence to the contrary in the form of events that my mind couldn’t possibly have thought of, I still persisted for a long time in thinking it was all up to me.

(This possibly comes from being the eldest in a family of four, and feeling overly responsible for everything!)

Your challenge might be that you spend too much time on the Universe’s side of the line, which means not taking very much action; or not taking very specific, directed action; or being scattered rather than focused, and therefore often seeing limited results.

The best results come when your energy between these two sides is balanced. They are both needed. Here’s some of the original words on this matter; it’s as if the Universe is speaking directly to you:


There is a fine but definite line between your tasks and Mine. On your side it is indeed important that you complete to your satisfaction all that you can do. This involves a degree of honesty on your part regarding what you think has to be done or not. Just as important however, is a drawing back of the toe that wishes to cross the line out of fear that there is no one on the other side of the line to affect the situation. This is not true, as you know, as this is My side of the line and the only job that is finally necessary for you is to move away from the line with your own package of jobs so there is plenty of space and room for breathing to enable My work to be done. Hold your desired outcome clearly in front of you like a beacon. Place yourself and your situation in My hands and let go. And let Me do My work.

Getting out of balance in terms of spending too much or too little time in one or the other sides is one of the main reasons why self-employed people and small business owners experience less success in all areas than they might.

So becoming balanced in this respect will have a major effect, which means that you may swing a bit from one side to the other – this is the process of balancing and is an ongoing thing.

You probably know by now which side of the line you tend to hang around in most, but how do you get the balance better?

By operating your business from inside as well as from outside. One simple way of doing this is each morning to sit for a few minutes, quieting yourself and your mind. Remind yourself there are two sides of the line, and consciously invite yourself to be open to information from the Universe while you go about your practical tasks.

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